ACRE Edmonton: What’s New This Year, Why You Need To Be Here & Exciting Guest Speaker Announcement


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It’s almost that time again! ACRE Edmonton 2018 is just around the corner and this year we are leading the futurization of real estate and the futurization of investors through transformational education. ACRE will prepare you for where the real estate market is going so you can stay ahead of the game, not catch up with it.


  1. The Alberta real estate cycle doesn’t follow oil like it used to. This is presenting some great opportunities. Come see for yourself
  2. There is a massive transportation effect in place at the moment which is creating new opportunities for you. 
  3. We will be presenting advanced investing strategies like agreements for sale, rent to own and others to open up new investing opportunities for you so you can profit in all markets
  4. We’ve never had such precise research information available for Albertans. As we’ve updated our market reports for your cities, it’s driving opportunities for you to cash in.
  5. We will be digging deep into the mortgage industry, the difficulty in getting mortgages and how REIN members can overcome the odds.
  6. BIG BONUS: We have 2 phenomenal VVIP guest speakers from Google Canada and RESAAS who will give you an unprecedented look into the future and access to information for you to catapult your investing success.

ACRE is looking ahead to the future and what it has in store for the real estate industry and investors. It will focus on how technology is changing the industry and how the futurization of real estate will revolutionize the way investors do business. Real estate is in the middle of a transition and in order to come out on top, it’s important not to manage the transition, but to transform yourself and your business.

We are thrilled to announce we will be joined by two very special guest speakers at this year’s Edmonton ACRE: Google Canada’s Chris Adamkowski and RESAAS CEO Tom Rossiter!


Chris Adamkowski is experienced in leveraging technology and data to build operationally rigorous, growth businesses. He is an entrepreneurial leader and impactful coach who “leads businesses from the front.”

Tom Rossiter is an expert in technology and the real estate
industry, and will provide exclusive insights into the futurization of real estate.

Turn Adversity Into Opportunity and Prosperity

In many areas, such as certain regions of Ontario and BC, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find cash flowing properties and grow your real estate portfolio. However, one province stands out in particular as a place where opportunities are rapidly arising for investors: Alberta.

After years of struggling through an economic rough patch, Alberta’s economy is recovering and getting stronger. The real estate market is turning around and presenting so many opportunities that it’s difficult to know what to do with them all!

This is the perfect time to educate yourself, invest in yourself and take advantage of the opportunities that are arising. Drawing from what Alberta has gone through and what it is currently experiencing, ACRE Edmonton will show you how to transform adversity into opportunity, laying opportunities out in front of you so you can take action now. The Authentic Canadian Real Estate (ACRE) system is a proven step-by-step program designed to unlock the secrets behind profitable real estate investing. This event will teach you actionable steps you can take to be more successful and make more money.


This event will sell out fast! Reserve your seat now through REIN Member Back Office and bring a guest to share in the experience with you, whether it’s your spouse, friend, joint venture partner or client. We guarantee everyone, from those just starting out to experienced investors, will leave with newfound knowledge and confidence to succeed in the real estate game.

ACRE 2018 - EDMONTON - The Futurization of Real Estate

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